Seedling emerging from soil.
Photo by Kevin Doncaster

Freesolo Ventures focuses on nurturing and accelerating the growth of innovative companies in the sustainable adventure travel ecosystem.


Freesolo Ventures is dedicated to empowering sustainable adventure travel enterprises by investing in innovative, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible businesses that foster growth and redefine the future of responsible exploration.

At Freesolo Ventures, we embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and responsible investment, united by a shared passion for sustainable adventure travel and a commitment to supporting businesses that reflect these values. As forward-thinking investors, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and enterprises that seek to redefine the future of travel by embracing responsible practices, fostering environmental stewardship, and enriching the lives of those who journey with them.

We envision a world where the spirit of adventure is harmoniously intertwined with the principles of sustainability, social responsibility, and cultural appreciation. Our goal is to identify, nurture, and support innovative ventures that align with these values, driving positive change within the travel industry and the world at large.
Freesolo Ventures is dedicated to forging lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs who display a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities in sustainable travel. We seek to invest in ventures that demonstrate an unwavering commitment to environmentally friendly practices, the support of local communities, and the preservation of cultural heritage. By providing capital, strategic guidance, and industry expertise, we empower these businesses to thrive and make a lasting impact.

Our investment approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the adventure travel ecosystem and a steadfast commitment to due diligence, ensuring that we make informed and responsible investment decisions. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment, working closely with our portfolio companies to facilitate growth, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities, all while championing sustainable and ethical practices.
As Freesolo Ventures charts the course for a new era of responsible investment in adventure travel, we invite visionary entrepreneurs, partners, and stakeholders to join us in our mission. Together, we can redefine the boundaries of sustainable travel, enrich the lives of countless adventurers, and leave a lasting, positive impact on our planet for generations to come.

Investment Focus

"How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top.”

Freesolo Ventures has a keen interest in supporting seed-stage startups, which are usually in the process of creating their initial product or service, perfecting their business model, and conducting comprehensive market research. By investing in these fledgling companies, Freesolo Ventures provides them with the necessary financial resources and expert guidance to validate their innovative ideas and facilitate a successful entry into the market.

In addition to seed-stage companies, Freesolo Ventures is also particularly focused on early-stage ventures that have already developed a functional product or service and have gained some traction in the market. These companies are at a critical point in their growth trajectory, seeking to scale their operations and increase their market presence. Freesolo Ventures actively supports these early-stage companies by helping them expand their customer base, refine and enhance their product offerings, and solidify their position within the market. Through their targeted investments and strategic guidance, Freesolo Ventures aims to foster the growth and success of promising companies in the adventure travel industry, particularly those focused on sustainable and responsible practices.

Freesolo Ventures occasionally invests in growth-stage companies, which have established market presence, strong customer bases, and significant revenue. Their investments in this stage may support continued expansion, product development, and entry into new markets or segments. While not the central focus, Freesolo Ventures may also consider investing in expansion-stage companies to assist in scaling their operations, pursuing strategic acquisitions, or expanding globally. These companies are well-established with a robust product offering and a significant market presence. Lastly, they may occasionally invest in late-stage companies on the verge of going public or pursuing a major liquidity event, to support their final growth push before going public, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing shareholder value.

By concentrating on seed-stage and early-stage investments, while remaining open to opportunities at other stages, Freesolo Ventures can contribute to the growth and success of innovative companies in the adventure travel industry, fostering a thriving ecosystem of sustainable and responsible ventures.

Our Team

The Freesolo Ventures team boasts an impressive range of professional experience that allows us to excel in the adventure travel investment sector, supplemented by our ability to assemble tailored lineup from our network for specific investment opportunities. Our background in business consulting with top global firms such as McKinsey & Company provides us with the skills necessary for strategy development, market analysis, and organizational transformation, ensuring that the companies we work with receive valuable guidance to optimize growth potential.

Our extensive knowledge in corporate and intellectual property law enables us to effectively navigate complex legal landscapes, protect assets, and minimize risk for our organization and its portfolio companies, while also adhering to regulatory requirements. Additionally, our experience in operations management across various industries contributes to the smooth functioning and scalability of our organization and its investments, through skills in supply chain management, process optimization, and quality assurance.

With firsthand experience in the adventure travel sector, our team has worked with eco-tourism companies, conservation organizations, and community-based initiatives. This understanding of the industry and its unique challenges empowers us to identify promising investment opportunities and support the growth of sustainable travel ventures.

We work closely with marketing and communications specialists who have collaborated with major brands and agencies. Their expertise in branding, public relations, and digital marketing allows us to develop captivating narratives and implement effective marketing strategies for Freesolo Ventures and its portfolio companies.

Moreover, our team’s financial experts possess backgrounds in venture capital, private equity, and investment banking. This experience equips our organization with the necessary acumen to identify lucrative investment opportunities, evaluate potential risks, and manage our financial resources effectively.

Finally, some of our team members have experience in the technology sector, having worked with startups, software development, and emerging technologies. This background enables us to recognize and support innovative solutions in the adventure travel industry, contributing to the ongoing digital transformation of the sector.