About Us

Trekkers on the Sagamartha Trek outside of Dzongla silhouetted against Ama Dablam.  McKay Savage

Freesolo is a vibrant adventure travel platform committed to delivering independent, reliable information and inspiration.

What's In a Name

To a gifted few with the requisite skills, free solo climbing – literally climbing without protection – represents the pinnacle of adventure.  Operating at their absolute physical and mental limits and with no margin for error, the free solo climber experiences life at a level of intensity that has few parallels.

Freesolo is motivated by that same spirit, but applies it to the more accessible realm of adventure travel.  By immersing us in activities and cultures that are outside of our comfort zone, adventure travel offers each of us the opportunity to achieve our personal pinnacle of adventure.

For some, the Freesolo spirit draws them to brave the potentially deadly challenges of climbing to the very summit of Everest itself.  For others, the daunting trek to base camp thousands of feet below represents the pinnacle adventure of a lifetime.  And still for others, immersion in the unique culture of Nepal itself is a transformative experience that enhances their daily life for years to come.

Whatever adventure travel means to you, Freesolo offers insight and inspiration.

Our Mission

"If adventure has a final and all-embracing motive, it is surely this: we go out because it is our nature to go out, to climb mountains, to paddle rivers, [and to] plunge into the depths of the oceans… When man ceases to do these things, he is no longer man."

Embarking upon a digital odyssey of discovery, inspiration, and responsible exploration, we, at Freesolo, dedicate ourselves to the creation of a dynamic, authoritative, and independent adventure travel website. As passionate curators of the online realm, we are committed to providing our users with reliable information, captivating stories, and sustainable travel guidance, fostering a spirit of stewardship and a love for the world’s diverse landscapes and cultures.

At Freesolo, our mission is to inform, empower, and inspire by offering a wealth of engaging content that delves into the realms of adventure, cultural exchange, and environmental responsibility. Through immersive narratives, stunning visuals, and meticulously researched insights, we aim to foster a deep sense of connection between our users and the myriad destinations, ecosystems, and traditions that populate our planet. We aspire to create a global community of responsible adventurers, united by their passion for the world and its wonders.

Our vision is anchored in the belief that digital travel resources can, and must, serve as a catalyst for positive change. We pledge to uphold the highest standards of integrity and independence, ensuring that our content remains free from the influence of external interests, and resolutely committed to the promotion of sustainable travel practices. In doing so, we seek to empower our users to embark upon their own adventures with a heightened sense of awareness, responsibility, and respect for local communities and environments.

Freesolo recognizes that the world of sustainable travel is a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape, and we are dedicated to remaining at the vanguard of this burgeoning field. We embrace collaboration with local experts, environmental advocates, and global thought leaders, fostering a digital ecosystem of continuous learning, dialogue, and innovation. Through these partnerships, we strive to establish new benchmarks for responsible travel, both online and beyond.

As Freesolo charts the digital frontier of adventure travel, we aspire to become not only a trusted source of information and inspiration, but a beacon of responsibility and stewardship. We believe in the transformative power of travel, and the boundless potential for growth, understanding, and empathy it fosters. With every article, video, and interactive feature, we invite our users to join us in a shared commitment to explore the earth with care, curiosity, and a deep reverence for the fragile balance that sustains us all.

Our Values

These values serve as the compass that guides our actions, decisions, and aspirations at Freesolo, driving our pursuit of a more responsible, sustainable, and interconnected world through the power of adventure travel:


At its core, Freesolo is dedicated to promoting sustainable travel practices, reflecting the organization’s responsible approach to exploration and its profound respect for the environment, local communities, and cultural heritage. This commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of Freesolo’s content, providing users with practical tips, inspiring stories, and valuable resources that empower them to travel more responsibly and make a positive impact on the world.

Cultural Appreciation

Freesolo strongly advocates for the celebration and preservation of diverse cultures, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the rich tapestry of human experience. We foster mutual understanding, respect, and meaningful exchanges between travelers and local communities, encouraging the sharing of ideas, traditions, and stories that enrich the lives of all involved. Our platform emphasizes the significance of responsible tourism, guiding users in exploring new cultures with sensitivity and respect.


Freesolo is dedicated to inspiring and enabling both our users and partners in their pursuit of responsible adventures. By providing the knowledge, resources, and guidance they need, we empower them to make informed choices, support local communities, and protect the environment. Our platform serves as a catalyst for change, encouraging users to become agents of positive impact in the world of sustainable adventure travel.


We recognize the power of teamwork and partnership in advancing our mission of promoting sustainable adventure travel. Freesolo actively forges meaningful relationships with local experts, global thought leaders, and industry stakeholders, creating a dynamic and supportive network that shares knowledge, experiences, and best practices. This collaborative spirit strengthens our platform, offering users a diverse and rich array of insights that enhance their understanding of responsible travel.


Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver exceptional content, experiences, and investment opportunities. At Freesolo, we maintain a relentless focus on quality and the continuous improvement of our offerings, ensuring that users receive the most relevant and inspiring information. By upholding these high standards, we solidify our position as a trusted resource in the realm of sustainable adventure travel, inspiring users to explore the world with a deeper sense of responsibility and curiosity.

Our Team

Freesolo Design and UX team in the style of a Joseph Mallord William Turner engraving.  Freesolo Design Staff

The staff of Freesolo is a diverse, talented, and passionate collective of individuals who share a deep commitment to responsible adventure travel, the preservation of the environment, and the celebration of cultures around the globe. United by their love for exploration and a belief in the transformative power of travel, the Freesolo team is dedicated to providing users with an unparalleled digital experience that is both inspiring and informative.

Collaboration and communication are key to the success of the Freesolo staff, as they work together to bring their diverse skills and perspectives to the table, fostering a creative and dynamic environment. Above all, each member of the team is guided by a profound commitment to promoting sustainable travel and inspiring our users to tread lightly upon the earth as they embark on their own extraordinary adventures.

Writers and Researchers

Freesolo’s writers are seasoned adventurers, drawing from a vast and varied pool of personal experiences to craft compelling narratives and insightful guides that resonate with the curiosity and wanderlust of our users. Possessing a flair for storytelling, these wordsmiths skillfully blend tales of their own journeys with practical advice, creating content that not only instills a sense of wonder but also empowers readers with the knowledge necessary to embark upon their own responsible adventures. Through their captivating prose and genuine passion for sustainable travel, our writers inspire and inform, fostering a deeper appreciation for the world and its many wonders.

The research and fact-checking team at Freesolo is comprised of meticulous, detail-oriented individuals who are dedicated to ensuring that the information provided on the platform is accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy. Recognizing the importance of veracity in building credibility and user trust, they maintain a rigorous commitment to checking facts, verifying sources, and staying abreast of the latest developments in sustainable adventure travel. Their tireless efforts guarantee that our users can rely on the content we publish as a dependable source of information, enabling them to make informed decisions and confidently plan their own sustainable travels.

Design and Photography

Freesolo’s talented team of visual artists and photographers possess an extraordinary ability to capture the essence of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and unique experiences. With a deep understanding of the power of visual storytelling, they masterfully use their keen eyes and creative vision to convey the beauty and complexity of our planet.

Through their stunning imagery, they transport users to far-flung corners of the globe, sparking curiosity and a desire to explore the world with intention and respect. By skillfully portraying the intricate tapestry of human experiences and the natural wonders that surround us, Freesolo’s visual artists and photographers create a bridge between the viewer and the destination, fostering a sense of awe, connection, and responsibility towards the places they showcase.

Their compelling work not only elevates the quality of Freesolo’s content but also plays a vital role in inspiring users to embark on their own sustainable adventure travels, driven by a newfound appreciation for the world’s diverse beauty and an understanding of the importance of preserving it for future generations.

User Experience

The web and user experience designers at Freesolo play a crucial role in shaping the overall experience of our users, working tirelessly to create an intuitive, engaging, and visually appealing online platform that is both easy to navigate and enjoyable to explore. These talented professionals combine their keen understanding of design principles with a user-centric philosophy, ensuring that every aspect of the Freesolo website is thoughtfully crafted with the end user in mind.

Their innovative approach to design results in a digital environment that effectively showcases Freesolo’s wealth of content, allowing users to quickly find the information they need while also discovering new, inspiring stories and resources. Attention to detail, from typography and color schemes to layout and functionality, contributes to a seamless and delightful experience that keeps users returning to Freesolo for all their sustainable adventure travel needs.

By prioritizing user satisfaction and continuously seeking ways to enhance the Freesolo platform, our web and user experience designers play an essential role in establishing and maintaining the trust and loyalty of our users, further solidifying the platform’s position as a go-to resource for all things related to sustainable adventure travel.

We Love Adventure

View of Machu Picchu from the Guard House with Wayna Picchu in the background.  Alex Proimos

The staff of Freesolo comprises an eclectic mix of passionate adventurers, each with a distinctive background and a multitude of personal experiences that have molded their perspectives on sustainable travel. By tapping into these rich, firsthand adventures, the Freesolo team imparts a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration to their users.

From scaling towering peaks to traversing dense jungles, our team members have navigated the globe, learning valuable lessons about the delicate balance between exploration and conservation. Their experiences have led them to appreciate the importance of preserving natural resources, respecting local communities, and minimizing the environmental impact of travel.

With expertise spanning a variety of disciplines, including mountaineering, scuba diving, wildlife conservation, and cultural immersion, the Freesolo staff is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive guidance on responsible travel practices. They understand the challenges and rewards of sustainable adventure, and they are dedicated to empowering users with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed decisions that benefit both the environment and local communities.

The team’s diverse backgrounds and shared passion for adventure foster a vibrant and dynamic community within Freesolo. They continually exchange ideas, learn from one another’s experiences, and collaborate to create engaging and informative content that inspires users to embark on their own responsible journeys.


Scaling some of the world’s most iconic peaks, Freesolo’s team members have faced challenging conditions and pushed their physical limits in pursuit of exhilarating summits. These awe-inspiring experiences have fostered a deep understanding of the preparation, skills, and mindset required for responsible mountaineering. Additionally, they have gained valuable insights into the delicate balance between adventure and environmental preservation, making them experts in sustainable climbing practices.


Freesolo’s staff has ventured through diverse landscapes, from the rugged terrain of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains to the lush jungles of Borneo. Through these treks, they have acquired invaluable insights into the unique challenges and rewards of exploring remote regions. Furthermore, they have learned the importance of cultural sensitivity, environmental stewardship, and proper planning in ensuring a positive and responsible trekking experience for both travelers and local communities.


Navigating the breathtaking waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the San Francisco Bay, Freesolo’s team members have had the thrill of kayaking alongside majestic killer whales and beneath the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. These aquatic adventures have sharpened their expertise in water safety, marine conservation, and responsible wildlife encounters, allowing them to provide users with essential guidance on sustainable water-based activities.


Delving into the underwater world, Freesolo’s staff has explored the Monterey Coast’s rich marine ecosystems and the enigmatic caves off the coast of Lanai. Through these diving experiences, they have cultivated a deep appreciation for the ocean’s fragile beauty and the need for sustainable tourism practices to protect these precious resources. Their knowledge and passion for marine conservation equip them to share valuable insights with users on responsible diving and snorkeling.
Safaris via jeep and on foot in Tanzania: Experiencing both jeep and walking safaris in Tanzania, our team has had the extraordinary opportunity to witness the magnificent wildlife of the African continent up close. These unforgettable encounters have instilled in them the importance of ethical wildlife tourism and the need to support conservation efforts to ensure the survival of these awe-inspiring species. As a result, Freesolo’s staff is well-equipped to educate and inspire users on how to engage in sustainable safari adventures that respect and protect the natural world.

How We Earn Trust

Freesolo aspires to be a trustworthy and authoritative resource in the realm of adventure travel that earns the confidence and loyalty of its users.  Trust in Freesolo is founded on the company’s unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity, independence, and accuracy. This commitment is reflected in several key aspects of the organization:

Independent and Unbiased Content

Freesolo’s dedication to providing impartial information and recommendations stems from its commitment to ensuring that users can make well-informed decisions based on objective and reliable insights. By keeping content free from the influence of external interests, the platform upholds the integrity and transparency that users value. In an age where advertorial content and sponsored posts are increasingly prevalent, Freesolo’s focus on independent and unbiased content sets it apart and serves as a trusted resource for sustainable adventure travel enthusiasts.


We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our actions, including content creation, research, and partnerships. By maintaining transparency, honesty, and accountability, we foster trust and credibility within our community. Our commitment to integrity ensures that users can rely on our platform for accurate, unbiased information and ethical recommendations.

Expertise and Experience

The diverse staff at Freesolo brings together a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience in adventure travel, environmental conservation, and cultural appreciation. Each team member’s unique expertise contributes to the creation of high-quality content that is both informative and inspiring. Freesolo’s collective knowledge spans a wide range of topics, ensuring that users have access to comprehensive information that caters to various interests and travel preferences. This expertise ultimately makes Freesolo a trusted resource for users seeking authentic and valuable insights into the world of sustainable adventure travel.

Rigorous Fact-Checking and Research

Freesolo’s research team plays a crucial role in maintaining the platform’s credibility by ensuring accuracy and veracity in all content. They are committed to diligently verifying facts and staying current with the latest developments in sustainable travel. This dedication to accuracy means that users can rely on Freesolo for up-to-date and trustworthy information. In a world where misinformation abounds, the platform’s rigorous fact-checking and research processes serve as a foundation for building user trust and confidence.

Organizations We Value

Freesolo recognizes and appreciates the invaluable contributions of various organizations worldwide that share its passion for adventure travel. These organizations work tirelessly to preserve the environment, promote sustainable travel practices, and foster cultural understanding and appreciation.
If adventure travel ignites your spirit and curiosity as it does for us at Freesolo, you might consider offering your support to these organizations in various ways. By donating, volunteering, or simply raising awareness about their causes, you can play an active role in championing their missions.
Joining forces with these organizations, we can collectively ensure that the wonders of our planet remain accessible and protected for future generations of adventurers. By supporting their work, we help preserve the landscapes, cultures, and experiences that inspire us and make the world an extraordinary place to explore.

The Juniper Fund was founded by mountaineers David Morton and Melissa Arnot Reid as a response to an unmet obligation they observed during their work as guides in the world’s highest mountains. The organization’s work is currently focused on Nepali workers involved in climbing and expedition support in the high mountains of Nepal.

The mountain climbing and expedition industry relies heavily on local staff and laborers to support the adventures sought by numerous travelers. However, the harsh reality is that some of these workers face injuries or even lose their lives in the course of their duties. Regrettably, local governments often lack adequate systems for providing insurance against such tragedies, leaving many families without a source of income.

The Juniper Fund seeks to address this critical issue by offering financial assistance and resources to the families of those affected. By collaborating with local partners, the organization strives to develop sustainable solutions that ensure the well-being of workers and their loved ones, ultimately fostering a safer and more equitable environment for those involved in the mountain climbing and expedition industry.

Big City Mountaineers harnesses the transformative power of nature to cultivate a generation of young people who possess increased compassion for themselves, their communities, and the world around them. The organization focuses on breaking down barriers to outdoor access for youth from communities that have historically lacked equitable access to nature. By providing free, fully outfitted, and professionally led outdoor and backcountry trips, Big City Mountaineers enables youth ages 12 to 18 to connect with nature and strengthen their communities, skills, and resilience. The organization engages young people in five regions across the country, including New England, Colorado, Minnesota, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Pacific Northwest.

Founded in 2005, The Mountain Fund aims to create healthy, vibrant mountain communities where people have access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunity in an environment where human rights are valued and respected. To achieve this goal, the organization sponsors community-based initiatives that prioritize respect for local culture and the environment.
In mountain communities, the suffering caused by poverty can be overwhelming, as the needs for basic amenities far outstrip local resources. The Mountain Fund’s approach to sustainable development involves first identifying needs that can be fulfilled today with minimal funding and by local protagonists committed to the advancement of their communities. The organization then collaborates closely with community leaders to develop and implement effective solutions to outstanding problems in their villages.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is dedicated to helping local communities conserve the natural resources they rely on, transforming markets and policies toward sustainability, and protecting and restoring species and their habitats. The organization’s efforts ensure that the value of nature is considered in decision-making processes at local, regional, and global levels.

WWF combines cutting-edge conservation science with the collective power of its partners in the field, more than 1.3 million supporters in the United States, and 5 million worldwide. The organization also leverages partnerships with communities, companies, and governments to create a more significant impact on conservation.

In today’s world, human activities exert unprecedented pressure on nature. However, it is also within humanity’s power to change this trajectory. By working together, WWF and its supporters can tackle the greatest threats to life on Earth and protect the natural resources that sustain and inspire people around the globe.